Sales Structure and Alignment

We take a holisitic approach to each engagement.  Working closely with senior sales and marketing management to understand the needs, gather data, analyze the information, design an appropriate solution and work with you on the implementation.  


Alignment comes in a variety of ways at Channel Ramp. For us there is alignement of sales channels with customer types (high-volume, transactional customers aligned inside or online sales platform, as an example).


There is also alignment of marketing with sales.  What is the right measure of success between sales and marketing?  Leads?  Opportunities?  Maybe conversion rates?  We'd say it depends on your goals and we're happy to assist in making sure everyone is aiming for the right goal.


Finally, there's alignment of product with sales and marketing.  Ensuring a smooth launch of product through the right sales channels into the marketplace, supported by a strong marketing effort aligned to the sales goals.