Channel & Partner Management

Channel Ramp began as a channel partner advisory service and it remains our core focus.  With decades of proven experience in building, operating and enhancing channel partnership strategies around the world, we have the expertise to help you maximize your channel efforts.


Our solutions in this area include:


  • QuickRamp™- Channel Program Assessment & Development

  • PartnerID™ - Partner Profile and Partner Identification Service

  • PartnerRamp™ - Channel On-boarding and Enablement

  • RevenueRamp™ - Marketing, Lead Generation & Incentive Program Development

  • Existing Channel Program Review

  • Education and Training for Stakeholders, Executives and Channel Teams

  • Channel Program Development or Enhancement

  • Partner Measurement, Metrics, Scorecards & Health-checks


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QuickRamp™ - Channel Program Assessment and Development

With QuickRamp™, Channel Ramp provides you and your team an initial assessment of the potential go-to-market strategies, discuss program designs with you and evaluates your current situation with a comprehensive and proprietary 100-point channel checklist.  Once a framework and route-to-market have been agreed upon, Channel Ramp will design your initial program, coordinating closey with key stakeholders in your organization.


PartnerID™ - Partner Profile & Identification
With PartnerID™, Channel Ramp works closely with you to guide you through the partner profile development process. Building a detailed profile(s) of the exact type of partner who would be best suited to resell or recommend your product. Much like target accounts, target partners will help to narrow the scope of who you sign, ensuring highly productive partners right out of the gate.  


We also have the ability to identify potential partners for your program from our extensive database of more than 2,000 qualified partners and distributors around the world.


PartnerRamp™ - Partner On-boarding and Enablement
With PartnerRamp™, Channel Ramp will work with you directly to develop, roll-out and manage your partner on-boarding process. From making sure partner enablement and readiness components are developed and successfully delivered to the partner, to getting the initial sales and technical training scheduled - Channel Ramp will ensure your partners are productive immediately.


For established companies, Channel Ramp can augment your existing efforts with additional capabilities and reach. Our experienced staff and consultants can help reduce the load on your existing resources. We will work with you to craft a solution that best fits with your model.


In addition, you will have access to industry-proven marketing techniques and expertise to simplify the marketing message and value proposition for the channel. Simple programs and incentives designed to elicit the right behavior in your channel and ramp your partner sales and technical intellect quicker.



With your partners signed-up and on-boarded, it's time to generate sales pipeline. RevenueRamp™ leverages the strengths of proven field sales methodologies, programs and campaigns along with simple, yet effective, sales tools that the partner can use to spark interest in their customer base. Channel Ramp can also provide training and educational services to your partners.


Partner Measurement and Metrics

The true dynamics of a growing channel must be constantly monitored and measured in order to effectively make decisions and course corrections. Channel Ramp provides measurement tools and metrics reporting on a wide variety of channel activity. From field-level metrics to executive dashboard and Board of Directors highlights.


In a growing channel program of an existing technology company, where there may already be hundreds or thousands of partners, how do you impart the Pareto principle to effectively understand who your top value-partners are? How can you mine the lower 80% for diamond-in-the-rough and get them up into the top tier of the Pareto pyramid? Channel Ramp can help you by employing proven measurement techniques to show you where the strengths and weaknesses of your partners are and how to improve them.

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