Sales and Channel Solutions


Let our decades of sales leadership experience guide you through a decision-making process to determine the best sales strategy to mazimize your sales resources and control sales costs.  This includes such things as understanding addressable market potential, evaluating competition, sales channel definition and their alignment to the customer buying profile.  Whether you are building your sales organization from scratch or considering enhancements to an existing structure, Channel Ramp has the expertise to help grow your business.



Our decades of experience building, operating, aligning and right-sizing sales organizations of all shapes and sizes will prove invaluable to you and your team; using experience and data to help you craft the right sales structure aligned to the goals of your business.  Designing the right sales structure that puts the customer and business first, ensuring a highly skilled and productive sales workforce that is focused on cost-effectively acquiring and retaining customers. From field sales to inside sales, online sales and channel sales, we'll help you structure the right commercial approach for your business.  Remember, compensation drives behavior - without the right alignment of compensation to company goals and line-of-site management, you may not be fully optimized.


Demystifying the channel is our core strength.  Our deep roots in channel development and management allow us to help you create a channel sales and marketing program that is as much effective as it is efficient.  With proven methodolgies such as QuickRamp and RevenueRamp, which can get you up in running in a matter of weeks.  Working closely with sales leadership, we will understand your existing channel partner go-to-market efforts (if any) and build a program that helps you expand your market reach, gain new customers and grow your market share.  Read about our detailed channel management solutions


Defining and measuring sales and marketing effectiveness is a key attribute of a successful enterprise.  Being able to quickly identify performance gaps, successes and failures is paramount to being able to quickly make adjustments in your commercial approach, sales campaigns, marketing programs and the like. Sales productivity and marketing ROI are key elements ChannelRamp can help your sales leadership understand and make more actionable decisions.  With our sDNA (Sales DNA) program, we can help you better understand the drivers of rep performance and indentify training, management, compensation or other enhancements to improve overall sales performance.


Let us help you identify your leading prospects through analysis of your sales data.  We can help you identify your largest and fasest growing market segments, rank your underpenetrated accounts, make sales and marketing recommendations and provide lifetime value associated with each account.  In addition, we can help you identify the key qualification indicators that that predict the likelihood to buy and provide you a database of customers organized by your new customer segments that easily integrates with your CRM.


Channel Ramp takes marketing to the next level, with a targeted account-based marketing program developed specifically for your identified and segmented prospects. This dramatically increases the likelihood that your prospects will receive your message with more relevance to their need and with compelling content focused on their enterprise. Helping you gain access to deals earlier and at a higher level and aligning your marketing efforts with your sales efforts for each account segment.  Let us help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.